Shezad Nawab is a unique prospect who, from an early age, displayed unlimited enthusiasm, passion and undoubted flair for business.

Born in Birmingham, UK, Shezad took his initial inspiration from his enterprising father, who owned, among other things, a large and thriving Post Office, a busy and popular supermarket as well as a number of commercial and residential properties. Shezad says of his father:

“I remember asking my father how to make my fortune. He told me that before you take your first steps you need to invest time and money in building the foundations.”

These are still the words that inspire Shezad to this day.

During his student years Shezad gained a number of impressive qualifications giving him insight into the worlds of finance, marketing, IT and business and management, including a BA (Hons) Degree in Business and Marketing.


Shezad has received a number of prestigious awards, including the Young Entrepreneur Award 2011, the Business Initiative Award in 2011 and the Innovation Winner in 2010.

Shezad has formerly been a member of the Institute of Directors, and is today a member of the highly regarded E2Exchange panel.

His main passion is entrepreneurship in the UK, Europe, and the International markets.

He has been actively involved in helping many new business and start-ups get off the ground, as well as assisting SME’s and growing businesses in building strong foundations for the future.

His unrivalled experience in investment and a wide international network of contacts allows him to be a key player in business growth. Shezad offers unrivalled access to business owners in the Deaf and Hearing community, in which he plays an active part.