Public Speaking

Drawing his inspiration from the words of his father, Shezad Nawab is about:

• ‘Fresh ideas…..
• Creative thinking…..
• Motivation…..
• Sale & Growth…..
• …..and above all Inspiration’

With a sharp and intelligent speaking style, Shezad has the ability to engage a diverse range of audiences.

His public speaking appearances feature sound and sensible advice on a variety of topics, with in-depth discourse on risk management and the tricky subject of managing a business through difficult times.

Shezad’s expertise lies in speaking to Deaf and Hearing clients on the subject of establishing a business and its future development, growth and sustainability. He is valued for providing keynote speeches and carries much expertise on business within the Deaf and Hearing community.

A truly inspirational figure, Shezad is available for all types of event. Contact Shezad.